The Elite Islander Program

The Elite Islander Program is Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (A&M-CC)’s dual credit program. A dual credit course is a class that awards both high school and college credit upon completion, through a partnership between A&M-CC and your school district. Dual credit is a great opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit by attending a college level class on the A&M-CC campus.

The Elite Islander Program Offers Many Benefits
  • Gives students the experience of taking real college courses on the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus.
  • Expands academic options for college-bound high school students.
  • Minimizes the duplication of courses taken in both high school and college.
  • Decreases the amount of time needed to earn a degree.
  • Drastically reduces the cost of college, by discounting the cost of dual credit courses more than 50%.
  • Elite Islander Program dual credit courses are fully transferable to public colleges and universities in Texas and are generally transferable to colleges and universities throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to enroll in the Elite Islander Program?

  • You must have the approval of your parent, your high school counselor and your high school principal.
  • The course you plan to enroll in must be on your high school’s list of approved dual credit courses for A&M-CC.
  • You must be prepared to function in an adult learning environment.
  • You must meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative, which requires that students be assessed in reading, writing and math skills prior to enrolling. You are assessed by passing either the ASSET, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER or the THEA test. A&M-CC administers the THEA, but any of these are acceptable.
  • You must have taken the ACT or SAT and meet the class rank/test score combinations listed below:


Class Rank
Test Score (ACT/SAT)
Top 10%
no minimum
Next 15%
50% – 26%
75% – 51%
76% or higher


How do I join the Elite Islander Program?

If you are interested in taking a dual credit course, you should first discuss it with your high school counselor to make sure the program is right for you and to decide which course is acceptable for high school credit.

For more information, contact your high school counselor.