picture of Veterans being honored during Primary's Veterans Day Ceremony

Flour Bluff ISD celebrates Veterans Day

Various activities were held across the District to honor military service men and women who are currently serving or who have served in the armed forces in recognition of Veterans Day. Parents, community members and employees were invited to take part and be honored during the districtwide events.

At the Intermediate campus, students in  Lorraine Dow’s Choir classes and Marti Veith’s Kalediscope II classes sang and played instruments during their Veterans Day Ceremony. Parents, community members and employees who have served or are currently in the military were invited as special guests to be honored and recognized. Students in Emma Mathis’ classes created cards and letters of thanks and handed them out to the guests as appreciation for the sacrifices and service.

The Primary campus held a special Veterans Day Ceremony in the High School Auditorium. The Corpus Christi Veterans Band was on-hand and performed during the school-wide event. Head of the Corpus Christi Veterans Band, Ram Chavez, spoke to the students about the selections the band was playing and the meaning behind them. Additionally, Primary students spoke to their classmates about the history of Veterans Day and read poems. Students from Lisa Smith’s classroom set the “Missing Man Table” and talked about the symbolism of setting the ceremonial table. Students in Mandi Mcfall’s and Cindy Ames’ classes sang “God Bless the U.S.A.” Primary’s Veterans Day Ceremony wrapped up with students recognizing military Veterans who were in attendance. Students handed out cards to the special guests that were recognized by the branch of military they served.