Junior High and Intermediate students compete in MathCounts Competition

On Saturday, November 12, Flour Bluff JH and Intermediate Math Teams traveled to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi for a Mathcounts competition. Hornet Math students had an amazing showing with the team taking seven of the top 10 spots and 14 of Flour Bluff students were in the top 20.

In addition, the team swept the top four spots in the countdown round event. Hats off to these hard working students.

Below are the full results:

Individual Results:

1st – Ethan Patras
2nd – Nathan Black
4th – Sammy Regalado
5th – Aidan Featherby
6th – Aaron Ward
8th – Sarah Bervinkle
10th – John David Regalado
12th – Natalie Melton
13th – Gabriel Hathaway
14th – Nathaniel Marley
15th – Morgan Hollingsworth
16th – Kyle Pshigoda
19th – Kritika Adhikari
20th – Alicia Flores

Countdown Round:

1st – John David Regalado
2nd – Sammy Regalado
3rd – Alicia Flores
4th – Sarah Bervinkle

Picture of Intermediate and Junior High Mathcounts Teams

Intermediate and Junior High Mathcounts Teams competed at TAMU-CC and took top spots in individual and Countdown divisions.