Flour Bluff HS Fine Arts students participate in annual student film festival

Flour Bluff High School Fine Arts students participated in the ESC – Region 2 Student Film Festival on December 9. Three teams competed against teams from  schools across the region. Team “CAN Do”, sponsored by Lori Lee and Valerie Lichtenberger, and teams “Cranberry” and “Stage to film,” sponsored by JoJanie Moreno, were nominated and awarded in several categories at the annual festival.


Best Actor
Drew Jacob – “Stuck” (Team Cranberry)

Best Supporting Actress
McKenna DeYoung – “Stuck” (Team Cranberry)

Best Film – “Fatherly Convalescence” (Team CAN Do)
Corey Morgan
Amani Navarrette
Nick Wagner

Audience Favorite Film – “Stuck” (Team Cranberry)
Katie Brennan
Mckenna DeYoung
Kameron Hanna
Drew Jacob
Corey Morgan
Bryan Reed
Abbi Thompson
Abbey Wagner
Zander White



Best Script
Amani Navarrette & Nick Wagner – “Fatherly Convalescence” (Team CAN DO)

Best Supporting Actress
McKenna DeYoung – “Stuck “(Team Cranberry)
Alex Rivera – “One Last Time “(Team Stage to film)

Best Actor
Drew Jacob- “Stuck” (Team Cranberry)
Gerardo Mascorro- “One Last Time” (Team Stage to film)
Corey Morgan – “Fatherly Convalescence” (Team CAN Do)

Best Film
“Stuck” (Team Cranberry)
“One Last Time” (Team Stage to film)
“Fatherly Convalescence” (Team CAN Do)