23 Junior High Band Students make All-Region Band

Congratulations and hats off to 23 Flour Bluff Junior High Band students for making All-Region Band. The students competed against hundreds of students from around the area to achieve this honor. The students will go on to perform in the All-Region Clinic/Concert set for January 27 & 28 at Flour Bluff HS Auditorium.


Ian Northern Flute 4th Symphonic
Robyn Manahan Flute 3rd Symphonic
Brooke Bare Flute 1st Concert
Jc Gann Flute 9th Concert
Phillip Salem Oboe 2nd Symphonic
Georgiamarie Udeani Oboe 1st Concert
Taylor Zamora Clarinet 3rd Concert
Alexa Waldrop Clarinet 10th Concert
Vanassa Jimison Clarinet 11th Concert
Faith Adamson Bass Clarinet 3rd Concert
McKenna Smith Bass Clarinet 2nd Concert
Brandon Skinner Tenor Sax 2nd Concert
Emily Long Bassoon 2nd Symphonic
Makinna Rodgers Trumpet 7th Symphonic
Brian Vanderostyne Trumpet 8th Symphonic
Gabriel Hathaway Trumpet 5th Symphonic
Ian Shutt Trumpet 9th Symphonic
Kaitlyn Nguyen F Horn 2nd Symphonic
Adrian Cisneros F Horn 4th Concert
Daniel (Ethan) Long Trombone 1st Symphonic
Harley Hampton Trombone 5th Concert
Sarah Yniguez Baritone 3rd Symphonic
Nathan Black Tuba 4th Concert