image Group picture of 2017 UIL participants Intermediate students

Intermediate students sweep UIL Academic Regional Meet

On Saturday, March 4, Flour Bluff Intermediate students participated in the UIL Regional meet held on their home turf at the Intermediate campus. Fifty-two Intermediate students took part in fifteen UIL Academic competition categories. Congratulations to these hardworking students who placed during the regional meet:

5th Grade Results:

Ready Writing
1st Place – Scott Pfeffer
6th Place – Nora Wood

Oral Reading
5th Place – Trinity Tomscha

1st Place – Sara Causey
5th Place – Will Fiscus

2nd Place – Cooper Floyd

Number Sense
1st Place – Tony Hoepner
2nd Place – Blake Wiley
5th Place – Josh Melton

Social Studies
2nd Place – Makayla Anderson

3rd Place – Reagan Uhl
5th Place – Biliqis Saeed

Number Sense team was awarded gold medals for placing first in their category.  

UIL team won second place in Sweepstakes among all fifth grade teams.


6th Grade Results

Ready Writing
1st Place – Grace Garza
7th Place – Delaney Laza

Oral Reading
7th Place – Jeana Pshigoda

1st Place – Sammy Regalado
6th Place – Quinn O’Hagan-Lopez
7th Place – Jackson Hanna

2nd Place – Matthew Reyes
5th Place – Colton Hooper
8th Place – Paige Dwyer

Impromptu Speaking
6th Place – Kendall Devine
8th Place – Sara Dawes

6th Place – Philippe Fairchild
7th Place – Austin Ferguson
10th Place – Kade Rule

Music Memory
5th Place – Bailey Riley
6th Place – Emily VanDerostyne

Number Sense
2nd Place – Sammy Regalado
5th Place – Jackson Hanna
6th Place – Jeffrey Diaz

Social Studies
4th Place – Suzanne Hall
10th Place – Matthew Meza

1st Place – Alivia Lee
2nd Place – Ireland Bailey
4th Place – Presley Spittler
8th Place – Jaden Ralston

Calculator Applications
1st Place – Sammy Regalado
2nd Place – Lukas Drasutis
4th Place – Blake Wiley

Maps, Graphs, and Charts
4th Place – Clayton Loy
5th Place – Matthew Reyes
6th Place – Estrella Reyna

1st Place – Jared Martin
3rd Place – Luc Lechner
8th Place – Jaden Ralston

Chess Puzzle
3rd Place – David Berry
8th Place – Lukas Drasutis

3rd Place – Nora Wold
10th Place – Taylor Blades

Art, Calculator Applications and Science teams were awarded gold medals for placing first in their categories.  

UIL team was awarded the Sweepstakes trophy for placing first among all sixth grade teams.