FBISD new Transfer Policy to provide a tuition rate savings for families

The District is excited to announce changes to it’s student transfer policy. In late May, the FBISD Board of Trustees approved a new out-of-district student tuition transfer rate for the 2017-2018 school year. The new rate will provide a tuition rate savings for families with multiple children.

“The new tiered tuition rate will provide a discount for families who have more than two children attend FBISD schools and reside outside the boundaries of our District,” said Brian Schuss Superintendent of Schools. “Our goal is to provide more families the opportunity to attend our schools while lowering the financial burden.”

The $950 annual out-of-district tuition rate will remain the same for the first and second child. The third child will be $600 annually. All additional children in the family will attend FBISD schools for free. The new out-of-district tuition rates are in effect for this school year. Students who reside outside the boundaries of the District and whose parent is stationed at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in an active military position or employed with Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi Army Depot or a tenant of the base will continue to be able to attend school in the District on a tuition-free transfer.

For more information on the District’s Transfer Policy, click here.