Junior High Choir Students compete in All-Region Choir

In mid-October, the Flour Bluff Junior High School Choir took 25 students to compete for chairs in the All-Region Choir at Tuloso-Midway Middle School.  Out of the 23 students that competed, 20 of the choir students made the All-Region Choirs.  Two students, Emery Tremlett and Camille Rodriguez, made 1st Chair out of the Nine Sections. 

The All-Region Choir Concert is set for Saturday, November 11,  at the Victoria ISD Fine Arts Center. The students will perform with the best young singers in Region 14.  

Congratulations to the Flour Bluff Junior High Choir Students who made All-Region Choir:

Soprano 1(Zone A)
Alicia Blankenship (5th  Chair)
Agnes Garcia (16th  Chair)

Soprano 1(Zone B)
Emery Tremlett (1st  Chair)
Gabriella Lopez (7th  Chair)
Paige Dwyer (20th Chair)

Soprano 2(Zone A)
Caitlyn Edwards (13th chair)
Madisyn Barganski (16th Chair)

Soprano 2(Zone B)
Kailynn Nelson ( 21st Chair)
Gabrielle Oller (22nd  Chair)
Abigail Zackman (25th Chair)

Alto(Zone A)
Camille Rodriguez (1st Chair)
Caesar Guerrero (9th Chair)
Abigayle Wiginton (13th Chair)

Alto(Zone B)
Nicole Brown (7th  Chair)
Gabriel Palmiano (9th  Chair)
Brooke Wicks (10th Chair)
Dillon Wagoner (14th Chair)
Erika Welch (15th Chair)
Nathanael Crossland (22nd Chair)

Tenor 1
Hunter Henne (9th Chair)

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