Flour Bluff Junior High Varsity Choir

Junior High Varsity & Non-Varsity Choirs compete at UIL

In late March, the Flour Bluff Junior High Varsity Treble and Non-Varsity Treble choirs competed during the UIL Concert/Sight-Reading Contest at Del Mar College. The Varsity Treble group was ecstatic to come back with a Sweepstakes — straight 1’s in Concert and all 1’s in Sight-Reading — which gave the group a Superior rating.

“I’m extremely proud of their hard work and dedication to creating wonderful music,” said Michael Perez, Flour Bluff Junior High Choir Director.

In a UIL Choir Sight-Reading contest, the goal is to test the knowledge and basic fundamentals of music at specific levels. 

The Non-Varsity Treble Choir received a 2 in Concert and a 3 in Sightreading at the annual evaluation contest.

Members of the Varsity Treble Choir include:

Sunnie Ayala
Madisyn Barganski
Alicia Blankenship
Nicole Brown
Margaret Clugy
Paige Dwyer
Caitlyn Edwards
Agnes Garcia
Amarisa Martinez
Kailyn Nelson
Gabrielle Oller
Estrella Reyna
Mary Ritchie
Camille Rodriguez
Emery Tremlett
Brooke Wicks
Abigayle Wiginton
Abigail Zackman