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District of Innovation Committee holds first meeting; begins process of developing a plan

On Thursday, September 12, the Flour Bluff ISD Board-approved District of Innovation committee met to begin the process of developing an innovation plan that provides flexibilities and/or exemptions from some Texas Education Code requirements. The Flour Bluff ISD Board of Trustees voted in early August to begin the process to become a District of Innovation and directed staff to prepare a committee of stakeholders to develop the plan. During a Regular Meeting of the FBISD Board of Trustees held in August, the Board approved the committee members selected to serve as members of the District of Innovation Committee. 

The thirty-six member District of Innovation Committee includes representatives from all facets of Flour Bluff ISD and is a comprehensive representation of the District. 

“We were able to gather a well-rounded group of individuals who each bring a variety of ideas and a great vision for the District,” said Dr. Allison Schaum, Flour Bluff ISD Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. “Each of the members has a different perspective which will be beneficial to develop a District of Innovation plan that meets the needs of our great district.”

During the meeting, the Committee looked at District of Innovation plans adopted by Districts similar in size and/or proximity to Flour Bluff ISD. Committee members were divided into groups to discuss the available exemptions and determine which ones would benefit the students, staff and district as a whole.

In the coming weeks, the Committee will meet once again to finalize the District of Innovation plan. Once the plan is finalized and  approved by committee members, it will be made available to the Flour Bluff ISD community via the District’s website to review and provide feedback. Following a 30-day time period of public review, the committee-approved plan will be brought to the Flour Bluff ISD Board of Trustees for approval.

For more information on the District of Innovation process including FAQs and additional information from TEA, click here.