Campus and Districtwide Improvements

Early Childhood Center 

  1. Playground restrooms
  2. Secure back playground area near tennis courts
  3. Fire alarm system tie-in modifications
  4. Correct drainage across playground
  5. Renovate rooms 31-39
  6. Parent drop-off expansion
  7. Repair sidewalk at annex 

Sub Total $946,812

Junior High School

  1. Construct Science Wing – remove portables
  2. Enlarge cafeteria/assembly area to accommodate one grade level
  3. Electrical upgrades/additional outlets
  4. Student restroom renovations
  5. Floor tile replacement/office carpet
  6. Replace/repair Band Hall storage cabinets

Sub total $5,939,435

Junior High Cafeteria

  1. Install three compartment sink in dish room
  2. Add walk-in cooler freezer and ice machine

Sub Total $43,700

Intermediate School

  1. Science lab addition
  2. Increase restroom capacity
  3. Band Hall addition
  4. Add life skills classroom
  5. Electrical upgrades/additional outlets
  6. Repair/replace hallway ceiling grid and tile

Sub Total $3,091,935

Intermediate Cafeteria

  1. Correct drainage problems at courtyard
  2. Repair brick joints
  3. Add suspended ceiling
  4. Retrofit lighting for new ceiling
  5. Add walk-in cooler/freezer
  6. Add ice machine

Sub Total $251,419

Primary School

  1. Combine new library w/elementary to include computer labs
  2. Repair/replace/add playground equipment and shade structure + rubber surface
  3. Additional special education classroom
  4. Additional water fountains at doors to playground
  5. Acoustical improvements to back hall at cafeteria
  6. Replace hallway exit doors

Sub Total $4,021,800

Primary/Elementary Cafeteria

  1. Kitchen and cafeteria expansions/renovation
  2. Add student restrooms for cafeteria
  3. Repair brick joints
  4. Acoustical improvements
  5. Replace stage curtains
  6. Add walk-in cooler/freezer
  7. Replace boiler
  8. Add ice machine
  9. Add steamer

Sub Total $1,746,323

Elementary School

  1. Reconfigure library space – new combined with Primary
  2. Repair/replace/add playground equipment and repair/replace playground asphalt + rubber surface
  3. Replace front doors with a storefront system
  4. Student restroom renovation
  5. Repair brick joints
  6. Landscape around portable classrooms

Sub Total $1,448,569

Special Education Office

  1. Remodel entry to create new isolated reception area
  2. Additional centralized area for records and equipment storage
  3. Dedicated area at campuses for OT/PT and storage for equipment

Sub Total $890,775

IT Department

  1. Create separate climate controlled server room
  2. Security camera additions/upgrades
  3. New district-wide TV/digital media distribution
  4. Relocate kitchen to be used as climate controlled server room (With #I.2)

Sub total $603,750

Central Kitchen

  1. Repair/replace epoxy floor
  2. Provide additional meal transportation cabinets
  3. Provide additional cooking equipment for Central Kitchen

Sub Total $233,450

High School

  1. Project Lead The Way improvements
  2. Replace canopy covers
  3. Repair rear parking lot
  4. Classroom expansion/renovation
  5. Courtyard improvements
  6. Repair/replace ceiling in hallways
  7. ROTC practice area

Sub Total $2,345,253

High School Cafeteria

  1. Replace four double ovens
  2. Add steamer

Sub Total $58,650

Auditorium/Band Hall/Choir/Drama

  1. Provide wardrobe storage in choir room
  2. Repair/replace instrument storage shelves
  3. Replace grand piano

Sub Total $73,025


  1. Replace portable classroom roofs
  2. Provide covered walkways between portables and restrooms
  3. Renovate restroom and provide air condition
  4. Replace floor tile with carpet

Sub Total $151,800

HS Annex

  1. UP – renovate student restrooms
  2. UP – renovate teacher workroom
  3. Provide covered assembly area in courtyard

Sub Total $259,900


  1. New Bus Shop
  2. Expand fenced bus yard to accommodate more vehicles

Sub Total $1,740,000

Junior High and High School Athletic Improvements

  1. New High School athletic facility to include weight room, indoor practice facility, athletic training facility, locker rooms for football, soccer (boys/girls), incl. equipment
  2. High School tennis court renovations to include dressing facility with coaches’ offices
  3. Construct a new 50m competition swimming pool facility to include 8 lanes with diving well; locker/dressing rooms; coaches’ offices and elevated spectator seating
  4. Construct Junior High gym to include weight room and locker room facilities with heavy duty washing machines and dryers (compatible to what we have at Wranosky Gym)
  5. Purchase field turf for varsity football and soccer stadium, renovate home side press box
  6. Additional bleachers at baseball/softball fields; purchase new baseball scoreboard, renovate baseball/softball dugouts
  7. Hornet Stadium renovations to include: restrooms and concession stands
  8. Varsity gym renovations to include: public restrooms, dressing rooms, coaches’ offices, concession stand, and paint beams inside varsity gym
  9. Wranosky Gym entry improvements. Renovate: front restrooms and coaches offices, weight room

Sub Total $24,193,625

Grand Total For Bond Improvements $48,040,220


Bond 2013 Brochure – English
Bond 2013 Brochure – Spanish