Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated April 27, 2020

How and when will I receive my child’s yearbook?
Yearbook printers have been shutdown due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). Therefore, the companies have not been printing yearbooks. Companies (such as Balfour) will begin to reopen in the coming weeks. Once they reopen it will take at least a couple of months for yearbooks to be printed, shipped and delivered. The campuses do not anticipate receiving books until the July time frame. Once yearbooks are received, campuses will provide information and direction on how and when yearbooks will be distributed.


I purchased school pictures of my child. How can I get the pictures I ordered?
Campuses are receiving pictures from the companies that took student and class pictures. They will provide additional information on when and how the pictures will be disseminated. If the picture was taken by Strawbridge and you would like to order pictures or inquire on pictures you ordered, you can send an email to


How can I retrieve personal items from my child’s classroom/school locker/athletic locker?
Each campus is working on a date and time for students to retrieve their personal items from classrooms and lockers. Each campus will have a different process for retrieval of items that will ensure the safety of students and staff while maintaining social distancing requirements. Please keep an eye out for communication from your child’s campus and/or teacher with additional details on dates for personal item pick-up and the process.


My child has library books at home. How can I return the books to the campus?
Flour Bluff ISD has set up three book returns/drops for FBISD Libraries around the District. The large containers can be found at the following locations:

  • Front Entrance of Flour Bluff Intermediate
  • Front Entrance of Flour Bluff High School
  • Front Entrance of Corpus Christi Public Library – Harte Library Branch

The book drops can be used to return books for any Flour Bluff ISD Campus Library.


What can my child expect during a school closure?

Flour Bluff ISD is committed to returning to normal school operations when it is safe to do so. During a closure, students can expect the learning to continue. FBISD teachers will reach out to students and parents via online platforms with additional information on their implementations of online and at-home instruction.

Campuses will be providing various resources to help students sustain academic success throughout the school closure.


Is the District providing meal services during the school closure? Updated

Yes, Flour Bluff ISD School Nutrition will offer a curbside meals to-go service for youth under the age of 18 each school day throughout the school closure. The meals will be distributed in front of Central Kitchen and will consist of a breakfast and lunch take-out meal. The child must be present to receive a meal. Meal’s can be picked-up from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Noon).


How can I retrieve my child’s medical supplies from his/her campus?

Each campus nurse will contact the child’s parent to arrange a drive-up pick-up of any student’s medical supplies that may be at the campus.


What if I do not have a computer in my home for my child to complete online instruction?

The District is aware that not all households have the resources for quality at-home instruction. Therefore, the District has created an online survey that we encourage all parents to complete for each child. The information will aid the District in developing options for at home instruction. To complete the survey, click here.

Please also email your child’s teacher and let them know of any issues you may have regarding your child being successful with at-home instruction.


What are some options for home internet access?

Due to the widespread COVID-19 outbreak, many internet service providers have offered free in-home internet service on a temporary basis for families with students. Below is a list with links to a few of the companies

You can also contact other local internet service companies for more information on the services they provide:


What are some online resources to keep my child motivated to continue learning?

Flour Bluff ISD has created an awesome website to keep students motivated to continue learning. Many of the resources on the website are educational and fun. Click here to access the Flour Bluff ISD Learning at Home website.


Will my child be required to take the STAAR test and/or End of Course exams?

Texas State Governor, Gregg Abbott, announced that he has waived the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) testing requirements for the 2019-2020 school year. Therefore, students will not be taking the scheduled STAAR and/or End of Course (EOC) tests in April and May.


How do students who take dual-credit courses continue with instruction and will my child receive credit for the course?

We encourage students to contact the dual credit institution to determine the decisions of the higher education institution and follow their directions. Information that has been communicated to us is that any class that is possible has moved on-line. This includes classes at: Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Del Mar College (where possible) and University of Texas-OnRamps. We will award credit if the student receives a passing grade. In most cases, the institution automatically sends the grades to Flour Bluff High School.


As an FBISD employee, what can I expect from the school closure?

The District is committed to ensuring all staff is provided adequate communication to ease the apprehension of a school closure. A limited number of employees will be asked to work during the closure to provide critical services. Supervisors will be contacting employees directly regarding their roles and responsibility during the closure. We ask employees to closely monitor emails, respond to supervisor’s requests and contact supervisors directly for questions or concerns.


I need to access my classroom/office. Is there an opportunity for me to enter the school building?

Campus principals and supervisors will communicate directly with staff to coordinate times and procedures for staff to access a school building or district facility. Please contact the campus principal or supervisor for direction, questions or concerns.


Who are essential staff, working in school buildings while they are closed?

At this time, the only FBISD staff members allowed in district buildings are custodial, child nutrition services, and maintenance departments. This measure follows the Governor’s guidelines of limiting gatherings to 10 or less as well as adheres to CDC guidelines of social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).


I’m a FBISD employee. Will I continue to receive a paycheck while schools are closed?

During a school closure, we will:

  • Continue to pay regular full time and part time employees so no one misses a paycheck
  • Pay based on their regular schedule;
  • Provide premium pay to non-exempt employees who are required to work during closure;

All paper checks will be mailed to the address on file with the district.  For biweekly employees, we will distribute the direct deposit copies when the district re-opens.

Direct supervisors will be contacting their teams about an employee’s role and responsibilities in case of a closure.  Please be prepared to work if your supervisor notifies you.

Pay during a school closure is covered in DEA (local) Board Policy:

Pay During Closing     
During an emergency closure, all employees shall continue to be paid for their regular duty schedule unless otherwise provided by Board action. Following an emergency closure, the Board shall adopt a resolution or take other Board action establishing the purpose and parameters for such payments. [See EB for the authority to close schools]

Premium Pay During Disasters
Nonexempt employees who are required to work during an emergency closing for a disaster, as declared by a federal, state, or local official or the Board, shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked up to 40 hours per week. Overtime for time worked over 40 hours in a week shall be calculated and paid according to law. [See DEAB] The Superintendent or designee shall approve payments and ensure that accurate time records are kept of actual hours worked during emergency closings.


Will Flour Bluff ISD 2019-2020 Official School Calendar be impacted by the school closure?

The Superintendent has been in continuous contact with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) via updates from the Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath. In the coming days, the District expects TEA will provide updates and direction to school districts on a number of concerns. We are cautiously optimistic that our efforts to keep the learning going through at-home instruction will cause no changes in our current school calendar. Once the District has clear direction on the expectations from TEA, we will communicate that information to all employees, students and parents.