Program Overview

Flour Bluff High School Viking Academy

The Flour Bluff High School Viking Academy is a collaborative partnership between Del Mar College and Flour Bluff Independent School District. Through this program, students will have the opportunity to attend classes on a Del Mar College campus, with the opportunity to earn up to 42 college credit hours that will also count for high school credit.

  • Students will be provided with academic and social support services to ensure college readiness and success.
  • Students will be transported to a Del Mar College campus by Flour Bluff ISD.
  • A Personalized Graduation Plan (PGP) will be developed for each student to ensure on time graduation from High School.
  • Students will be required to take and pass a college entrance exam prior to enrolling in college courses.
  • Students will be able to continue to participate in FBHS extra curricular activities.
  • Scholarships are available to assist families with the cost of paying for college courses that can lead to college credit.
  • Each PGP will be focused on maximizing the student’s college credit earning potential.
  • Students will be supported by a FBHS counselor in addition to a Del Mar College Academic Advisor.
  • Students will take advanced coursework during their Freshmen and Sophomore years of high school to prepare them for college coursework.
  • These college credits are transferable to all Texas public colleges and universities.

Del Mar College 2020-2021 - Core Courses

Del Mar College has additional core courses available for students based on the particular degree plan. For more information on available courses, please contact your Flour Bluff High School Counselor or Del Mar College Academic Advisor.

Choice of One Course

Choose One Subject

* Required

+ Elective

  • Biological Concepts I – BIOL 1406
    Biological Concepts II – BIOL 1407
  • OR
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I – BIOL 2401
    Human Anatomy and Physiology II – BIOL 2402
  • OR
  • General Chemistry I – CHEM 1411
    General Chemistry II – CHEM 1412
  • + General Psychology – PSYC 2301
  • + Introductory Sociology – SOCI 1301
  • * Federal Government – GOVT 2305
  • * United States History I – HIST 1301
  • * United States History II – HIST 1302
  • * Principles of Macroeconomics – ECON 2301
  • + Intro to Physical Fitness and Wellness – KINE 1164
  • MATH
  • College Algebra – MATH 1314
  • OR
  • Elementary Statistical Methods – MATH 1342
  • Communications – SPCH 1311
  • Public Speaking – SPCH 1315
  • Business and Professional Communications – SPCH 1321
  • Intro. To Mass Communication – COMM 1307
  • * English Composition I – ENGL 1301
  • * English Composition II – ENGL 1302
  • British Literature – ENGL 2321
  • American Literature – ENGL 2326

Flour Bluff High School - Required Course Sequence

* If a student has credit for these courses, another required or elective course will be selected.
# Dual credit coursework as part of this program should be earned through concurrent enrollment at Del Mar College.

  • Freshmen Year
  • Advanced English 1
  • Advanced World Geography/MAPS
  • Advanced Biology
  • Advanced Math (at the appropriate level for the student)
  • First Year Foreign Language*
  • Technology Application course or Fine Art course*
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Sophomore Year
  • Advanced English 2
  • Advanced World History
  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Advanced Math (at the next level)
  • Second Year Foreign Language*
  • Technology Application course or Fine Art course*
  • Professional Communication/other elective*
  • Junior Year
  • Dual Credit English 3#
  • Dual Credit US History#
  • Advanced Physics
  • Advanced Math/Dual Credit Math#
  • Time allowed for transportation
  • High School elective of student’s choice
  • Senior Year
  • Dual Credit English 4#
  • Dual Credit Government/Economics#
  • Dual Credit Science#
  • Dual Credit Math#
  • Time allowed for transportation
  • High School elective credit of student’s choice

To find out more, contact a Flour Bluff High School counselor

Melissa Doyle

Lauren Smith

Tina Watson