As we move towards the 2020-2021 school year, we will need to work together as a community of staff, students, and parents as we do our best to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We will continue our focus of being a Premiere District by facilitating learning and serving our Flour Bluff ISD students and families. Our District leadership will continue to monitor and navigate changing circumstances while keeping the well-being of our students, staff and families as top priority. A committee composed of District and campus leadership and curriculum and instruction experts continue to work on plans for the upcoming academic year with the input of parents and teachers. Flour Bluff is committed to your child’s learning and your family’s safety.

Below is important information to know regarding the upcoming school year as of July 3, 2020:

  • 2020-2021 Official School Calendar Remains the same

    The 2020-2021 Official School Calendar remains the same for the coming school year. You can plan on a school start date of August 13, 2020, and the school holidays outlined by the approved calendar. Click here to view the calendar.
  • Parents will have the choice of either In-Person Class or Remote Instruction

    Once the Texas Education Agency releases specific guidance regarding In-Person Class, Flour Bluff ISD will communicate the details of In-Person Class and Remote Instruction to parents to decide the instructional model for their child(ren).
  • In-Person Class: Parent Choice of Learning Option

    Flour Bluff ISD plans to offer In-Person classes, at all FBISD campuses for PK-12+. While in-person classes will require additional health and safety precautions, the Texas Education Agency has yet to issue requirements and guidance to schools. Flour Bluff ISD will comply with state requirements in the effort to limit the spread of the virus among students, staff, other employees and our community. The following are a few of the safety measures under consideration:
    • Reduce student movement/transition in the building
    • Transitioning students from class to class
    • Lunch in the classroom/designated location
    • Face masks encouraged for both students and staff
    • Daily thorough cleaning of facilities
    • None or limited large gatherings
    • Limited outside visitors
    • Students enrolled in this learning model will be expected to participate in district/state assessments to document student learning and growth
  • In-Person Class Intermittent Closures

    Flour Bluff ISD is developing contingency plans for Intermittent Closures, if necessary. Intermittent Closures (the closing of a classroom, grade level, or campus) will occur for students and staff at a specific school if a recommendation for temporary physical closure is determined by public health authorities. In such a case, teaching and learning would move to a remote, at-home model for the duration of the temporary closure before reopening for in-person classes. For students attending In-Person Class, remote instruction will be the model during all potential Intermittent Closures.
  • Remote Instruction: Parent Choice of Learning Option

    Remote instruction will be a parent choice learning option. The committee is currently developing the Remote Instruction plan. Students enrolled in this learning model will be expected to participate in district/state assessments to document student learning and growth.
  • Special Education Instructional Services

    The Flour Bluff ISD Special Programs Department is working under the guidance of the Texas Education Agency to develop a plan for students enrolled in the program. Students who receive mainstream instruction, in-class support, or co-teach instruction will continue to participate in the general education curriculum with their individualized accommodations/modifications being implemented by the special education teacher. More information will be released to parents as plans are finalized.
  • Technology Plans

    The District is planning for the safest possible implementation of In-Person classes and Remote Instruction for the Fall. In that effort, students and staff must have the ability to transition smoothly between In-Person classes and Remote Instruction in the event of COVID-19 outbreaks. Intermittent Closures (the closing of a classroom, grade level, or campus) will be the procedure followed when COVID-19 outbreaks occur. In the event of an Intermittent Closure, the need for technology is critical for learning to continue.
  • UIL Programs & Events

    Flour Bluff ISD, like all other school districts, awaits requirements and guidance from the UIL and Texas Education Agency regarding fall student participation in UIL activities such as Fine Arts and athletics.
  • Communication

    As this pandemic situation continues to evolve, communication will be provided based on the most current guidance from our local, state, and federal health authorities. The Flour Bluff ISD website will be updated with the latest information.