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Jeff Rank

Jeff Rank attended Flour Bluff schools from the time he began kindergarten all the way through his graduation in 1993. Inspired by his FBHS Oceans teacher, David Bartling, Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Sciences and a Master of Science degree in Oceanography, both from Texas A&M University. His research focused on computer modeling and exploration of submerged cave systems in the Yucatan using modern cave diving techniques. After working in marine policy for several years, Jeff went to law school at University of Houston, then returned home to Flour Bluff and opened his own law firm. His law practice includes civil litigation, family law and probate. Jeff and his wife, Nicole, have been married 21 years and have 2 children, both of whom attend Flour Bluff.

About the Author
Public Information Coordinator for Flour Bluff ISD